In The Beautiful 
JUNE 5-9, 2024




Embark. Elevate. Expand. Explore. 

Getting primal to perform at our highest potential as men, husbands, fathers,
and leaders by activating our sonship.

This experience is meant to not just change your pace, but truly change your life! 

Our mission in gathering men in the great outdoors is to take us outside of "comfort zones" and off "rat wheels" so that we can establish a firm-foundation of identity and purpose in integrity and freedom, without judgement or confinement.

HIKING GEAR NEEDED. (Packing List Provided)
Accommodations & Meals includED.
No experience needed.
Training Necessary.

Join us on this "unforgettable, epic and life-changing" adventure that will catalyze you to exist in your power, authority and passion.  

No matter where you are in life, no matter your story, we are all on the same hike...
And THIS is Just Another Mountain! 

In order to accommodate everyone, this is an at cost experience (flights & supplies on you) the rest is on us. Total Investment - $1500. 

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+ Adventurous Activities - Healthy Adrenaline

+ Mental Boot Camp

+ Biblical Study & Practical Application

+ Peak Experiences

+ Real Conversations 

+ All meals

+ Grounding Exercises

+ Rest & Relaxation Intentionality

+ Wild Life Expedition

+ Reflection

and so much more!

As a high-performer in my field, these are the adventures I train for physically. But to experience it with an openness to expand mentally and spiritually changed my lens on how I was living life. I was isolated in my current season and needed a release with men that were willing to help my expand without judgement. whether in silence, deep conversation or group reflection I was challenged in my thinking, called higher in my identity as father and friend, and left excited to go back to my day-to-day refreshed and with new tactical support.

Steve P.

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meet your host!


Gary Andress is a flip-flop wearing father, husband, son and friend who puts his top priority in allowing people the space to be seen, known and heard. He's an adventurer and risk taker which makes him a great entrepreneur, leading teams and families into ultimate comfort through energy efficient solutions. He's as passionate about play as he is about people and is always daydreaming or preparing his next trip around the world with his family and friends. Missions and daily miracle moments keep him grounded, even if he's at 14,000ft. elevation. He has an ear for worship and a postured heart for expansion as a leader and lover of Jesus. He's willing to face the mountain because He trusts God will move it. 

READY TO GO with Gary!